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How Airbrush Tattoos Work

Airbrush tattoos have been around since the late 1990s. First introduced at theme parks and events, they became a new and popular form of temporary body art. Innovation, creativity and appearance provide the artist with a detailed piece of body art that looks like a real tattoo.

They are done using paint on the skin not injected into the skin as are permanent tattoos. They are not dyes like henna tattoos nor are they ink like ball point pen art. They are not glued on like glitter tattoos, they are painted with a special air gun that applies the different colors with a special precision that allows the recipient to easily wash off or keep the body art.

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrushes themselves are not a new concept and are used for many different purposes. Airbrushes were first created in 1893 and were used for different kinds of art and other hobby projects. They are now used on everything from cars to clothes. With the many advances in airbrushes and paint over the years, they have evolved for use on the skin.

These tools are delicate and require some training, so novices are discouraged from using them without some form of introduction and instruction.

The first step of getting an airbrush tattoo is selecting a design stencil pattern for your tattoo. The professional airbrush artist has many already created stencil designs to select from and some allow you to create your own. Once you select your design, the artist asks you to choose your colors. Some artists limit the number of colors used in the design, while others are more liberal. Keep in mind there may be an extra charge for extra colors. The next step is deciding where you'd like your design. Once these things are all decided, the artist goes to work and creates your beautiful airbrush tattoo. Once the design is completed, artists will apply a thin layer of powder or a finishing spray to help the design last longer.

When getting the body art, make sure it's done in a well ventilated area or outdoors because there will be extra ink dispersing from the airbrush. If inhaled, this can cause serious health hazards, so it's better that small children should not get them done due to the risk of inhaling it.

How Long Airbrush Tattoos Last?

Most last three to five days. There are numerous factors in how long they'll stay on your skin. The first consideration is positioning. If the body art is in an area that is frequently washed or rubbed, the tattoo may only last maybe a day. The next consideration is skin type. Those with oily skin tend to wear off more quickly simply because the paint does not adhere well to oily skin. The final consideration in airbrush longevity is hygiene. If the body art is applied to unclean skin or the person showers frequently, it will not have the staying power of one who does neither of these things.

The main component to give the design longevity is the aftercare. Designs will last longer by applying baby powder a few times a day and using caution when bathing and patting the area dry. Removing them is simple if you don't want to wait for it to fade away - to remove it, simply use baby or mineral oil or sunscreen lotion and it will come off.

Are Airbrush Tattoos Safe?

Airbrushes have many uses today and there are many different types of paints and inks that go with them. The most common use of airbrushes is for cars, art, and clothing. As there are airbrush tattoo stands at amusement parks and events, there is usually an airbrush station for clothing.

There are also many uses that airbrushes have for the skin now as well. They are used for airbrush tans in salons, make up application, and fingernail art. All of these are different types of ink that go into the airbrush.

It is important to ask the artist what kind of ink they are using and make sure that it is FDA approved alcohol-based ink that is designed for the skin. Because there are so many different forms of airbrush paints, it is very important to make sure the artist is using the cosmetic level paint and not using paints that are used for creating art or decorating clothing that can be toxic and cause allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions are not that common, but they do occur. Usually the effect is immediate or within the first hour or so of the tattoo being done, so if there is a reaction, see the artist or seek medical attention if it's severe.

When the proper ink is used and is applied correctly, the design can look very realistic and have no permanent effect on the skin. They are frequently used in the entertainment industry to mimic the appearance of real tattoos without causing any lasting effect to the actors' skin.

So, if you're looking for a safe and realistic temporary tattoo that you can design yourself, Airbrush is one of the right choices. Just remember to make sure the correct airbrush paint is being used and the artist is properly trained and enjoy your own unique body art.

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